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Its alittle salty, alittle sweet, alittle tart = DELICIOUS!


Try it:

In your smoothie

In a smoothie bowl

On ( healthy!) toast

On a bagel

Over popcorn

In a PB & J

With cut up fruit

Mix it in with rice

With pretzels

With crackers

On a waffle

On pancakes

On a warm croissant

With your charcuterie board


My favorite way———with a spoon right out of the jar!

Razz pecan butter

  • Gluten free


    No Preservatives


    •Just like any other nut butter, you can choose to refrigerate it or not (IF you do refrigerate it may harden alittle, just leave at room temp and let it soften up a bit)

    •Natural separation occurs so just give it a stir!

    •Shelf life is way less than commercial nut butters

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